My mom showed me this cool post about a poem that I wrote. I don't remember writing it, but I guess I did.
These are exact words from my mom's blog:

Epic Nature - Spring
Poem by Rachel Israel

In Spring I hear water trickle down the stream sparkling like a crystal sea
In Spring I see the fruitful trees, healthy trees, so many bees
In Spring I sit on dew covered grass, short and long grass
In Spring I see beautiful flowers, roses like rubies and lilacs like diamonds

In Spring I look at tall snow capped mountains from a distance
In Spring I see the hills genuinely and beautifully touched with sunshine
In Spring the sky looks baby blue meeting with the bright yellow sun
In Spring the clouds look like giant, white, fluffy cotton balls

In Spring I watch glistening fish jumping up the stream
In Spring I spot a bear wearing brown coat and spying on a fish
In Spring I walked around and saw a crocodile lurking for prey
In Spring I see an eagle with piercing eyes elegantly and gracefully flying

In Spring I plant some vegetation in rich soil
In Spring beautiful crops spring up from the seeds
In Spring I see butterflies with wings glistening under the sun
In Spring I see small green insects hanging by a silk thread

                                        I know I am ready for the Spring! Are you?

P.S: Rachel is 10 years old. She is in 5th Grade. She wrote this poem - yesterday - 23-Feb-2010 during school delayed opening. It's all her own words, only the last line I added to it - to kind of complete it... For whatever reason this morning she told me she doesn't want to write any more poems. Not sure what caused the frustrations... She had crumbled up both sheets and thrown it away... Just found it during kitchen cleaning...

I was amazed looking at her notes - she had first jotted down her ideas which is posted below... as is. Only one thing I am not sure where she saw - the crocodiles...

Epic Nature (Spring)
Water - sparkling, crystal sea
Trees - fruitful, healthy trees
Grass - dew covered, short-long grass
Flowers - ruby-roses, diamond-lilac
Mountains - tall, snow capped mountains
Clouds - fluffy white cotton various shapes
Sky - baby blue, touched with bright yellow
Fish - glistening fish, leaping up stream
Bears - warm brown coats blending in with rocks
Crocodile - lurking in murky waters for prey
Eagle - piercing eyes, elegantly + gracefully flying
Hills - genuinely, beautifully touched with sunshine
Vegetation - rich soil with beautiful crops springing up
Butterflies - sparkling wings glistening under the sun
Caterpillers, inchworms, small green insects hanging by a silk web

My Exciting Story

       In India, the best way to get to your friends' house is by walking. One night  we decided to visit one of our family friends, Hannah Aunty. Hannah Aunty's house isn't very far away from our house in India. So it is very easy to enjoy the pleasant walk back and forth between the two homes.

       We went to her house and ate a very delicious dinner that she prepared for us. Then when we got prepared to leave, her pet dog came over the fence and into her yard. Many of you may not know but my sister is allergic to dogs and we just happened to have left the medicine at home. So we nervously crept along the stairs down to the gate, opened it, and slid outside.

       We said a quick ta-ta and left. That was enough of a scare for one night so we started on our way home, in the dark, by ourselves. And it just got worse.

       Hannah Aunty's dog, Jimmy, decided to walk us home. It just followed us from behind. At this point I was terrified. My mom occasionally hid behind mounds of dirt and sand just for my sister and me so that Jimmy would just walk along infront of us. Then other wild dogs that were just roaming around started following us. We heard the snarling of the pack. The dogs slowly stalked us to our home. We opened the gate very cautiously. My sister ran up the stairs to the locked door and yelled,"Gramma! OPEN THE DOOR!!"

       At this point  I was about to walk onto the stairs, but The dog almost jumped on me and snarled. Jimmy the dog that I was terrified of jumped in and fought with the other dog. My mom and I ran inside.

       That night I prayed and I was very thankful that Jimmy and God were there.

God Gave You a Strong Mind

God gave you a brain that can do all sorts of amazing things. Here is something to prove it.
p.s. Not everybody can read this following mesage:

H1 MY N4M3 1S R4CH3L.  H3R3 15 4 L1TTL3 B1T 4B0UT MYS3LF.
1 H4V3 4 BL0G C4LL3D "MY J0URN135".  1  H4V3 P1NK N41LP0L15H
0N R1GHT N0W. 


1.P30PL3'5 F33T ST1NK B3C4US3 0F B4CT3R14 34T1NG TH31R SW34T.

2.TH3 M0N4 L1S4 H45 N0 3Y3BR0WS.

3.M0R3 TH4N 480 (R34L NUMB3R) M1LL10N P30PL3 H4V3 PL4Y3D M0N0P0LY.

4. Y0UR H34RT 15 4B0UT TH3 S4M3 S1Z3 4S Y0UR F15T.


6. TH3 L0NG35T R3C0RD3D FL1GHT 0F 4 CH1CK3N 1S TH1RT33N 53C0ND5



9.4 C4T H4S 4B0UT 20 MU5CL35 1N 34CH 34R

10.0PP051T3 S1D35 0F D1C3 4LW4Y5 4DD UP T0 53V3N (7)

11. N0 W0RD5 1N TH3 D1CT10NARY RHYM3 W1TH 0R4NG3.

12. 4NT1D1545T4BL15HM3NT4R14NM15M 1S 3NGL15H F0R H1PP0M0NTR05E5QUIPP3D4L10PH0B14 M34N1NG TH3 F34R 0F L0NG W0RD5.


ps I got most of my information from
If you want, check it out.
pps if you wants to try this out for yourself you can write it in the comments

ppps If you didn't understand it here it is normally

Hi my name is Rachel. Here is a little bit about myself.
I have a blog named "My journies". I have pink nailpolish on right now.

Random facts:

1. People's feet stink because of bacteria eating their sweat.

2. The Mona Lisa has no eyebrows.

3. More than 480 MILLION people have played monopoly.

4. Your heart is about the same size as your fist.

5. Dust from africa can travel all the way to Florida.

6. The longest recorded  flight of a chicken is 13 seconds.

7. Every year New York moves 1" further away from England

8. Pigs can get sunburned.

9. cats have about 20 muscles in each ear.

10. Opposite  sides of dice always add up to 7.

11. No words in the dictionary rhyme with orange.

12. Antidisestablishmentarianism is English for hippomonstrosesquippedaliophobia meaning
the fear on long words.

~Rachel :)


   Today, my post is about of super long sentences.
   Would you like to write some?
   Well, here are a few tips.
#1~ Use alot of prepositional phrases
#2~ Try to use as many prepositional phrases as you can.
 Today, after school, at the park, near the sandbox, beyond the happy children, under the river, behind an encyclopedia, in a treasure chest, I found  gold, and then I went to the school, behind the library, by the forest, and I told my teacher in the classroom, on the second floor, in the school.
 Try it!
Please write your sentence in the comments! :)
~ Rachel

My First Library Experience

          On saturday (April 30/11) we decided to get a book so we went to Borders. My mom said, "The book is too much, Rachel-ma. We can go to the library and read books for free instead of buying them!"
          Instead of politely agreeing, I argued and said that library books are all in bad condition.(Which is not true) So in the end, we went to the county library. My mom asked whether we could get library cards there because our school was in that county and they said we needed school ID or we could use our town library cards there.
         We stopped by a garage sale to look for the books I wanted. I guess they didn't have the books we wanted because my mom came back empty handed.
         Then we went to our town library so we could get library cards and go to our county library after school. My mom, my sister,and I all had library cards, but we had lost them a couple of years ago. My brother and dad didn't even have a card so they filled out a form so they could get one. While that was happening I was helping my mom look for the book I wanted - Percy Jackson and the Battle at the Laybrinth.
         I looked in the library catalog on the computer, but I was having a little trouble. So, I went to the front desk and asked whether they had that book. It took a while, and then she said,"Someone has checked out the book already. Would you like me to put it on hold? We will contact you as soon as we get the book back."
         I was kind of excited because my friends only told me about this. I had never actually done it. So I said,"Yes!" She asked me for my library card so I snatched it out of my father's hand while another librarian was explaining the instructions to him.
         We received our library cards and went home. I really had a good experience. My siblings also enjoyed it because they got to play games on the library computers.
         So right now, while I'm writing this blog post, I am wondering what I can tell you about going to a library for the first time after school, doing research, and pleasure-reading. Check back soon...


My fiction story

My Undiscovered Backyard

After watching a television show, I decided to explore my backyard. You see, I get inspired whenever I see something that looks cool. Today on the show, the explorer found hidden stairs and had made a secret hideout below them.
So what I decided to do was, the same thing at my house! I raced into the basement. I stepped onto my patio. I saw flashes of light beneath my feet! This didn’t seem possible because it felt like I was in a cloak of amazing colors, and melodious sounds. I jumped with excitement. I had found a clue! I didn’t know what the clue was for, but I knew it was a step closer than where I had been before.
Okay, now the mystery was which blocks to step on for something to appear or happen. I stepped on the blocks in the shape of an octagon. It just made an agitating beeping noise. I looked up with disappointment. At the bottom of my deck, I saw a triangle as if it was drawn with permanent marker.
I stepped on the patio blocks in the shape of a triangle. Fortunately I had been standing in the middle of the triangle. Light lit up the triangle so beautifully. The sloping earth started to shake around me. I was extremely dizzy by the time I noticed something out of the ordinary. I noticed the sound of metal underneath my feet!
I looked underneath my feet. Some dust seemed to be coming off the piece of metal. I bent down and rubbed the dust off with my hand. “DANGER!” was what it read. I looked around for a place I could run to for shelter. I tried to run towards the fence directly in front of me, but trying to escape would be useless, for it was too late. A piece of wood had fallen and hit my head. I blacked out.
When I woke up I was deserted in a place I could not call home. The landscape was simple yet foreign to me, a plain with cows who were grazing. I looked beside me, and there was a cow. It (the cow) opened its mouth. To my surprise the cow said in a low voice, “Welcome to La La Land!”
“Ahhhh!”, I shrieked. Then I caught my breath. I hadn’t woken up already so this must not be a dream. I decided to think about school. I giggled to myself as I thought that now; if I were in class I would have an excuse for daydreaming in La La Land. “Okay!” I had said to myself as I snapped back to reality. I was right. This wasn’t some sort of vision or a dream. I realized that when I was going at least 100 miles per hour burning the rubber off my shoes. I turned around. The cow was aiming to push me off at an incredible speed. Before I knew it I was screaming in midair!
I jerked up realizing that it was a hallucination. I had gotten hit on the head by my brothers camouflage space ship that looked much like a piece of wood. I walked outside with the wind flowing through my hair. I looked up. This time there was a circle that said the number twenty next to it.
I made a circle with about ten blocks. It didn’t work. I glanced up again. Twenty could be the number of blocks! I quickly tested my theory. It had worked. A wonderful world of colors had been unleashed in front of my very eyes. I heard the magnificent melody of the wind rushing past the wind chimes. When two more minutes had passed, the flow of all this unbelievable music and these colors had ceased.
I enthusiastically closed my eyes as I tried to remember the breath-taking scene. When I had opened my eyes a door just appeared out of nowhere. I went inside and followed the wonderful melodies coming from inside the pitch black door. The door shut behind me.

The end?


My homework

This is the longest sentence I have ever written:

At my home, underneath the table, on my bed, in the rooms across the yard, near my dog, above the bridge, beside my book, beside the lamp, under my shoes, at the school,m around the desk, behind my friend's locker, beneath the chair, with my teacher, in my locker is where I looked for my homework; but after I looked at my home underneath the table, on my bed, in the rooms across the yard, near my dog, above the bridge, beside my book, beside the lamp, under my shoes, at the school,m around the desk, behind my friend's locker, beneath the chair, with my teacher, in my locker, I found our the teacher didn't hand it out yet!

Why don't you try to write a long sentence? You can write it in the comments...

P.S: Use MANY propositional phrases.

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