My First Library Experience

          On saturday (April 30/11) we decided to get a book so we went to Borders. My mom said, "The book is too much, Rachel-ma. We can go to the library and read books for free instead of buying them!"
          Instead of politely agreeing, I argued and said that library books are all in bad condition.(Which is not true) So in the end, we went to the county library. My mom asked whether we could get library cards there because our school was in that county and they said we needed school ID or we could use our town library cards there.
         We stopped by a garage sale to look for the books I wanted. I guess they didn't have the books we wanted because my mom came back empty handed.
         Then we went to our town library so we could get library cards and go to our county library after school. My mom, my sister,and I all had library cards, but we had lost them a couple of years ago. My brother and dad didn't even have a card so they filled out a form so they could get one. While that was happening I was helping my mom look for the book I wanted - Percy Jackson and the Battle at the Laybrinth.
         I looked in the library catalog on the computer, but I was having a little trouble. So, I went to the front desk and asked whether they had that book. It took a while, and then she said,"Someone has checked out the book already. Would you like me to put it on hold? We will contact you as soon as we get the book back."
         I was kind of excited because my friends only told me about this. I had never actually done it. So I said,"Yes!" She asked me for my library card so I snatched it out of my father's hand while another librarian was explaining the instructions to him.
         We received our library cards and went home. I really had a good experience. My siblings also enjoyed it because they got to play games on the library computers.
         So right now, while I'm writing this blog post, I am wondering what I can tell you about going to a library for the first time after school, doing research, and pleasure-reading. Check back soon...



Mommy said...

Good one Ray! Lets hope we can get all the book series you want to read... Most likely they should have a lot of collections. If not we can request them to get it for us.

When Mommy was growing up Grandma took me to her college library often and suggested lot of good reading material for me. It was so kind of Grandma to take me there as often as possible. I was in love with books, am still but hardly get time to read.

Your post now inspires me to read too. Let's see...

raji said...

That was a nice message given to you by your mom rachel.So now on you know the benefits of libraray:))

grandma said...

enjoyed reading your post Rachel kuttiamma.
write often to make us happy

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