My fiction story

My Undiscovered Backyard

After watching a television show, I decided to explore my backyard. You see, I get inspired whenever I see something that looks cool. Today on the show, the explorer found hidden stairs and had made a secret hideout below them.
So what I decided to do was, the same thing at my house! I raced into the basement. I stepped onto my patio. I saw flashes of light beneath my feet! This didn’t seem possible because it felt like I was in a cloak of amazing colors, and melodious sounds. I jumped with excitement. I had found a clue! I didn’t know what the clue was for, but I knew it was a step closer than where I had been before.
Okay, now the mystery was which blocks to step on for something to appear or happen. I stepped on the blocks in the shape of an octagon. It just made an agitating beeping noise. I looked up with disappointment. At the bottom of my deck, I saw a triangle as if it was drawn with permanent marker.
I stepped on the patio blocks in the shape of a triangle. Fortunately I had been standing in the middle of the triangle. Light lit up the triangle so beautifully. The sloping earth started to shake around me. I was extremely dizzy by the time I noticed something out of the ordinary. I noticed the sound of metal underneath my feet!
I looked underneath my feet. Some dust seemed to be coming off the piece of metal. I bent down and rubbed the dust off with my hand. “DANGER!” was what it read. I looked around for a place I could run to for shelter. I tried to run towards the fence directly in front of me, but trying to escape would be useless, for it was too late. A piece of wood had fallen and hit my head. I blacked out.
When I woke up I was deserted in a place I could not call home. The landscape was simple yet foreign to me, a plain with cows who were grazing. I looked beside me, and there was a cow. It (the cow) opened its mouth. To my surprise the cow said in a low voice, “Welcome to La La Land!”
“Ahhhh!”, I shrieked. Then I caught my breath. I hadn’t woken up already so this must not be a dream. I decided to think about school. I giggled to myself as I thought that now; if I were in class I would have an excuse for daydreaming in La La Land. “Okay!” I had said to myself as I snapped back to reality. I was right. This wasn’t some sort of vision or a dream. I realized that when I was going at least 100 miles per hour burning the rubber off my shoes. I turned around. The cow was aiming to push me off at an incredible speed. Before I knew it I was screaming in midair!
I jerked up realizing that it was a hallucination. I had gotten hit on the head by my brothers camouflage space ship that looked much like a piece of wood. I walked outside with the wind flowing through my hair. I looked up. This time there was a circle that said the number twenty next to it.
I made a circle with about ten blocks. It didn’t work. I glanced up again. Twenty could be the number of blocks! I quickly tested my theory. It had worked. A wonderful world of colors had been unleashed in front of my very eyes. I heard the magnificent melody of the wind rushing past the wind chimes. When two more minutes had passed, the flow of all this unbelievable music and these colors had ceased.
I enthusiastically closed my eyes as I tried to remember the breath-taking scene. When I had opened my eyes a door just appeared out of nowhere. I went inside and followed the wonderful melodies coming from inside the pitch black door. The door shut behind me.

The end?



NRIGirl said...

Good one Ray! Hope Part II is on its way...
~ Mommy

grandma said...

Good writing Rachel.
But I would like it if you write stories of real life instead of something which does not exist.
Observe the real life, conversations, etc, you will get plenty of materials for writing.
You have a talent in writing. Make use of it in writing about real people, your experiences etc.
God bless you dear.

rachel said...

Thank you grandma,
I will try to talk about my experiences of first-time things


Basil said...

wow, that is a well-writ story - quite imaginative I must admit. Trying exploring other topic too. BTW, I am a journalist, and an amateur fiction writer.

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