Today, my post is about of super long sentences.
   Would you like to write some?
   Well, here are a few tips.
#1~ Use alot of prepositional phrases
#2~ Try to use as many prepositional phrases as you can.
 Today, after school, at the park, near the sandbox, beyond the happy children, under the river, behind an encyclopedia, in a treasure chest, I found  gold, and then I went to the school, behind the library, by the forest, and I told my teacher in the classroom, on the second floor, in the school.
 Try it!
Please write your sentence in the comments! :)
~ Rachel


grandma said...

beloved Rachel

enjoyed reading your post.

i shall try writing like this later

God bless you dear.

Anonymous said...

Hey Rachel,
Its Camille Dieppa from school. How do you make a blog. Email me. I like the background. K.

Saras said...

Dear Rachel, What a wonderful idea for engaging one's mind into doing something that is not only creative and constructive but also educative and positive learning that will result in acquiring the knowledge to write really long sentences which may stretch beyond your imagination causing strain to the eye when you try to ..............Is it enough or you want to go on..! Lol

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