My mom showed me this cool post about a poem that I wrote. I don't remember writing it, but I guess I did.
These are exact words from my mom's blog:

Epic Nature - Spring
Poem by Rachel Israel

In Spring I hear water trickle down the stream sparkling like a crystal sea
In Spring I see the fruitful trees, healthy trees, so many bees
In Spring I sit on dew covered grass, short and long grass
In Spring I see beautiful flowers, roses like rubies and lilacs like diamonds

In Spring I look at tall snow capped mountains from a distance
In Spring I see the hills genuinely and beautifully touched with sunshine
In Spring the sky looks baby blue meeting with the bright yellow sun
In Spring the clouds look like giant, white, fluffy cotton balls

In Spring I watch glistening fish jumping up the stream
In Spring I spot a bear wearing brown coat and spying on a fish
In Spring I walked around and saw a crocodile lurking for prey
In Spring I see an eagle with piercing eyes elegantly and gracefully flying

In Spring I plant some vegetation in rich soil
In Spring beautiful crops spring up from the seeds
In Spring I see butterflies with wings glistening under the sun
In Spring I see small green insects hanging by a silk thread

                                        I know I am ready for the Spring! Are you?

P.S: Rachel is 10 years old. She is in 5th Grade. She wrote this poem - yesterday - 23-Feb-2010 during school delayed opening. It's all her own words, only the last line I added to it - to kind of complete it... For whatever reason this morning she told me she doesn't want to write any more poems. Not sure what caused the frustrations... She had crumbled up both sheets and thrown it away... Just found it during kitchen cleaning...

I was amazed looking at her notes - she had first jotted down her ideas which is posted below... as is. Only one thing I am not sure where she saw - the crocodiles...

Epic Nature (Spring)
Water - sparkling, crystal sea
Trees - fruitful, healthy trees
Grass - dew covered, short-long grass
Flowers - ruby-roses, diamond-lilac
Mountains - tall, snow capped mountains
Clouds - fluffy white cotton various shapes
Sky - baby blue, touched with bright yellow
Fish - glistening fish, leaping up stream
Bears - warm brown coats blending in with rocks
Crocodile - lurking in murky waters for prey
Eagle - piercing eyes, elegantly + gracefully flying
Hills - genuinely, beautifully touched with sunshine
Vegetation - rich soil with beautiful crops springing up
Butterflies - sparkling wings glistening under the sun
Caterpillers, inchworms, small green insects hanging by a silk web


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