I am just writing this to tell you that I will be going to India in May and coming back in August.
Instead of abandoning my blog I was thinking of taking pictures and doing my blog in INDIA!
Do you have any ideas of places that I should go to?
So far I am going to~


places like that.So if you want me to go to a certain place and take pictures and write facts about that place just let me know



rachel said...

you should go to your grgandmas house.I love that place

Rachel's Mom said...

Rachel: Here's my suggestion:
1. Visit local market with Pappa Akka
2. If possiible visit my school (ask Grandma to arrnage for that...)
3. Visit my Grandma's house (Karinkal)
4. Visit the potter's house where he makes pots from mud
5. Visit a local handicraft store to see what stuff they make
6. Definitely visit Arasan in Tirunelveli for some ice cream and stuff
7. Write a post every evening wrapping up with all things you did
... Remember Mommy will be waiting to read your blog everyday...

Anonymous said...

Rachel! Visit Lotus Temple in New Delhi. That is a beautiful place to look at. Also visit Manapad which is a small village with beautiful Portugeese churche built on the shore.

Plan your visit in such a way not to miss any place.
Shermila Aunty

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