Don't you ever imagine what it would be like to have your own world?

Alot of times I imagine that my little world would be cool,unique,awesome and all sorts of things.
I imagine that I can breathe underwater.Also I imagine I have like a little underworld house with a huge
mind twisting playground.With waterslides,tube racing,all my friends would be there,we would have tons of fun. Just reading this makes me want to go to my little underwater playground.Playing water games and exploring deep underwater tunnels, finding undiscovered land and building your own island. That would be the life. Our little own worlds would have millions of combinations for fun.(1 CREATIVE MIND+2 CURIOUS PEOPLE=millions of combinations for fun)

Don't you ever imagine what it would be like to make your own video game?

I wish I had my own little video game.It would be a Christian video game. It would be like left behind and everytime you complete a mission you get a Bible verse and that would be the next clue.It would be a mystery. And it would be teaching the people who play it more about Christ.

Do you ever imagine what it would be like in heaven?

I think there will be a pearl gate and streets of gold.I would live in a mansion and every day we would praise God.But truly I think that heaven is beyond imagination and creativity but I think heaven will be AMAZING!

Keep on imagining you never know how creative you could get...



Rachel's Mom said...

Good Rachel! My favorite is about the Heaven! You know the song "I can only imagine"?! Check it out at my blog under Favorite songs...

julie said...

This is really good what if there was a game like that i going to contact a person i know who makes games

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