How I learned to blog

Okay, this is about the time I learned how to write a blog~

One day-I was just walking around bored out of my mind waiting for my mom to get off the laptop.The reason was the family computer was being occupied by my sister watching something on netflix.

I just glanced at what my mom was writing. It was almost like a website,it was a blog! I was eager to have a website ever since I was 6. My dad promised to teach me how to make a website. So I asked my mom to teach me how to make a website because my dad was always busy and she used to make websites.

So I finally asked her to help me. She said "Rachel, writing a blog is much better!" I didn't fully go with it at first but as time went on I just had to agree because a blog might be the closest thing I can get to a website.

And that day was not much more than a couple of weeks ago. So my mom and I got started it was really hard to get something appropriate because my idea was to have a journal type blog. So we kept looking for available blog names. At last we found the perfect thing.

The next thing was to find a good template because my idea was to make it more like a journal. The day I found the right thing that I felt good with was........ TODAY!

So that is pretty much the story. Oh and if someday you would like to write a blog just remember... Make it have your taste..... your ideas ..... something that makes it 100% unique.... and just make it all you!

By the way, here is a posting by my Mom on how to create your own blog. Click here to read that.

Hope I helped you !



NRIGirl said...

Cool Rachel! I am so proud of you! Can't wait to read more postings from you. Do you know you could even scan and post the pictures your draw?! Yep! I am sure you will love blogging...

~ Mommy

rachel said...

thanks for telling me mommy

Anonymous said...

Why not you post some of your pictures in your blog to make it more interesting Rachel?

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