Just to get you started this is my first blog and I am so excited.
I don't really know what to write so if you have any ideas just leave it in the comments.
These are my latest ideas:
~a poem
or ~an adventurous story
you can help me choose or give me new ideas
I will be posting every week so be sure to check back


julie said...

Hey you could write crazy ideas, weird stuff, and how u heard about writing a blog etc stuff like that.

Black Walnut Pearl said...

Hey Rachel, Glad that you have started writing blogs. Dream, think, imagine then paint all those with words. All the best!

rachel said...

thanks for giving me some tips

Rachel's Mom said...

Rachel: Another idea is to post pictures of the drawings you do from time to time...
~ Mommy

Sakha said... have a sweet way of saying things like ur Mommy. Keep on writing....Your Mom and I are friends and hope to introduce my daughters to you all when u come to India next time.

My sugg.. to you is try to visit some places where there are people who are less fortunate than us live. Granny must know some place like that. Just spend an hour or so and it might widen your mind more...a different lifestyle..

Keep on writing..and posting pictures...I will share this with my daughters ...

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