biography: WILLIAM CAREY

                                                             William Carey
   Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a missionary to India? If you have , some of William Carey's work and accomplishments might interest you.

   In 1761 on August 17 William Carey was born in Paulersbury,Northampton, England. He grew up in England with his family.William Carey was contemporary with John Wesley,and George Whitefield. William Carey enjoyed the out doors, at an early age he collected birds and insects, and placed it in his home to gross out his family. William became the village authority on Natural History. In William's studies he mastered History and Zoology. In his teens he learned Latin, Greek, Hebrew, French, and Dutch. He also learned to read the Bible in 6 different languages. At the age 14 he was apprenticed to a shoe maker and cobbler. He went to college at Hackle ton.In 1779 William attended a prayer meeting that changed his life forever.

   William Carey was then baptized on October 5, 1783 by John Ryland. In 1783 He joined the church and started preaching. John Eliot and David Brainerd were an influence on William. Three years later his son peter died. Then he was appointed missionary to India ... Serampore, India in 1793 om January 10. Once in India, William Carey, William Ward, and Joshua Marshman joined together and formed the Serampore Trio. Portions of the Bible were then made in 36 languages and dialects by the Trio. His first wife died in 1807 and in 1822 his second wife died. William died in 1834 on June 9th in Serampore, India.



Mommy said...

Thank you Ray! Please write more about his work in India...

grandma said...

as a teenager william carey made a leather globe , kept it on his table and prayed for the people of various lands of the earth to receive the Gospel of Christ.
in may 1792 he preached to the Baptist ministers a sermon on ISAIAH 54:2,3."make the tent you live in larger; lengthen its ropesand strengthen the pegs......"he insisted on the points"attempt great things for Godand expect great things from God". this sermon moved some of his hearers to join him in forming the Baptist Missionary Society..BMS.Carey and Dr. John Thomas were the first two missionaries to sent out by BMS

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