That's right spring is here again... Time to enjoy the wonderful nature , and kite flying. I have had some bad experiences with kites for example...One time we were flying our kite it broke and the we could never fly it again. Well my dad told me not to feel so bad so I asked him if we could make one he said that would be a great idea so we made it out of tissue paper and sticks all went well until it broke again, scraped me , got caught in my bike when I was outside, all sorts of mishaps.

    We enjoy many things in the spring I am looking forward to going to India. I also hope that I can get all my work done or my pleasant vacation will still be like school. The only reason we are leaving early is because my parents friends are going on that day and if they are going they don't want to spend money if they are going back in a day so that is why I am leaving. Bye for now...



Rachel's Mom said...

Kutty-ma: Did you draw that kite?

Hey, an idea!! Why not draw some pictures, scan and post it in your blog?! I know you are the best artist in our family... Let me know if you need help with anything....
~ Mommy

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