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  Yesterday in science class we learned about atoms. It is cool and confusing but I kind of understood it. There are SO many atoms, and did you know atoms combined make molecules? In basketball we won today against the Celtics. The score was really close. It was 10 - 8. Right now Josh is playing  Super Mario Galaxy. He is saying ,"Rachel, look here is the new part....Oh! And this is also new." Well that is pretty much what happened today. (so far) Bye!



NRIGirl said...

Nice to see you write again Rachel. Write as often as you can. I suggest you post your school works such as book reports and assignments in your blog after the submission - which could help as guidelines for others.

Love you very much,
~ Mommy

raji said...

true Rachel agree with your mom.Hey U know..even I love playing mario.I [lay online in this particular link

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