Hi! Here are some things happening at school -

This year, there is a Science Fair at my school. My Science Fair project is to find out the best way to grow homemade crystals. Here are two  facts I learned ( I put it in question form ) - Did you know that you can make crystals out of sugar and salt? Did you know that sugar crystals look different if you put vinegar on it? Did you know those two facts?

 By the way, in English class we were making acrostics. The word had to begin with the letter and end with it. A good example is  the word HAT

              H a   T
              A nn  A
              T eac H

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grandma said...

I do not understand acrostics.
How HaT and TeacH begin and end with the same letter?
Pl. explain


Stranger said...

I too did not understand. Same doubt like Ma. If it was "did" or "gag" I could have got the connection... please explain Rachel...

rachel said...

If you look at the first letters going down it makes HAT; if you look at the last letters of these words going up, they make HAT.

That's what it is about. You need to form a group of words that have the first letters put together form a word going down; and at the same time the last letters put together going up should form the same word.

Another example is here:


Hope it is clear now.

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