Pictures from the Potter's House

Joshua, Sharon, and I watching the potter
Behind us is where they bake the pots
This is how the pots look when they are done


rachel said...


Gabrielle said...

What else have you done in India.

raji said...

hi rachel ..i read you momie's posts ..I didn't know that you too write,and you have a blog too !so sweet of you.i liked your interest in seeing how the 'pots' are made.I would follow you regularly from now on..keep going gal!

rachel said...

Well Gabrielle and Raji,

I am glad you liked my posts. Gabrielle,I have gone to a very old palace. It was wonderful, but in some places there was mud and I didn't want to step in it.

Well Raji, just to let you know I have a link to my mom's blog right in the corner above the "Followers" section. Well keep checking regularly for new posts. Will write soon...


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