India and Joses

okay as you know I have gone to India. India is exciting I am going to learn tatting and knitting. Anyways if you want to know what I eat every day it is:

breakfast: Dosa or Idli with chicken curry or chutney
lunch: Always Rice
dinner: Dosa with chicken or mac and cheese

Dosa- a food made out of crushed rice and put on the stove to make a perfect circle.

Idli- a food also made out of crushed rice and then put in a circle thing and then
cooked by steam.

Okay many of you want to see Joses bu there is not a picture of him on this laptop so I will show it to you next time...



NRIGirl said...

That's a good definition for 'dosa' & 'idli' I am pleasantly surprised...

Black Walnut Pearl said...

Hey Girl! How are you? Those colorings are wonderful! Hope you are enjoying and relaxing back in India. I would say the best of the best days during my childhood are the days I spent at my grandma's place. You too, enjoy your best! Eat well and stay happy! Convey my love to Sharon and Joshua.

A said...

Do you like Dosa and rice? How about the sambar?

rachel said...

yes I very much enjoy the dosa and rice and sambar

Gabrielle said...

Can you post some pictures of those foods?

rachel said...


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