Hi I have arrived safely in india just like my mom said well someone asked what indian life was like well it is pretty much just like america but the people and language is different
any QUESTIONS? write it in the comments



NRIGirl said...

Are you understanding Tamil better?

~ Mommy

bethel said...

awesome rachel..... what else have you been doing there.... you didn't fall yet right... you know or the roof, again?


A said...

How are people different? I thought people are same. Tell me the differences.

rachel said...

these are the ways the people are different:

the women don't wear pants and T-shirts like in america the wear long beautiful saris

they don't live in houses like in America...
their houses are huge and sometimes small but no matter how big their house is it is the paople inside that matter

rachel said...

sorry I meant people

J-Ann said...

What's Tamil?

rachel said...

tamil is one of the many languages of india

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