My Poem on Circus

This is a poem I wrote and entered the
school poem/essay contest...

Tell me a story about the circus
before I go to bed
I want to listen to something more
before I rest my head.

When I go to the circus
I see a lot of clowns
They have colors on their faces
and I rarely see them frown.

What colors are on their faces,
what colors are there?
Red is on their noses,
do they have color on their hair?

When I go to the circus
I go on elephant rides.
Sometimes I wonder what would happen
if on the back of him were slides!

Tell me more about circuses
please tell me more!
I can find these in books and things
but those are in the store.

Well that's another adventure
I'll leave that for different times
You better go to bed now
I'm thinking of more rhymes


Mommy's Blog said...

Ray: I had originally posted it on my blog which received 4 comments from friends and family.

Here's the link so that you can check it out!

Anonymous said...

Dear Rachel,

Wonderful to see such a marvellous art of poem from you. Keep it up.

Loving Chitappa Family.
Joseph , Jafi, Sharon & Shine.

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