A Child's Perspective on Hatchi & The Callahan Cousins: Summer Begins...

This is a child's perspective on a movie and a book......


Hatchi is a movie about a dog who is loyal to his master.The story goes somewhat like this...

There was a man from China and he sent a dog to his friend but the address got smudged and it is in the USA! A man at the train station notices nobody takes the puppy so he takes him home.Over time the dog bonds with the man....One day the man had a heart attack and then passed away. Hatchi still waited for his master to return. He waited until he died.(true story)

MORAL- Always be loyal ...never forget someone you have lost.


This book I have not fully read but I think it is good so far

There are 4 Callahan cousins Phoebe, Hillary, Kate, and Neeve.Hillary has just turned 12.It is a family reunion for Hillary because every year when a Callahan turns 12 they get to go to Gull Island!
Hillary has heard her fathers stories of how he and the Bickets used to fight by planting flags on a different island around Gull.So Hillary's idea is to make the reunion exciting by continuing that tradition ...but they will get in huge trouble if Gee finds out. (their grandma) So Hillary finds a boat but it is not in "shipshape" it is terrible.Luckily, their friend Farren knows someone who can fix it........It is....Smitty Bicket!
(incase you forgot why it is so dramatic it is because the Bickets are the ones they are fighting against)

MORAL-..........I don't know I did not finish the book yet.

But if you want to find out what happens got to a library or book store and see if they have the book
~THE CALLAHAN COUSINS: SUMMER BEGINS if they don't have it then look in a different store.
Or you can check back next week cause I probably would have finished the book and I would write the other part.



Mommy said...

Good job Ray! Keep adding your reviews for more books and movies...

J-Ann said...

Wow I was crying on the inside about Hachi (tear) :(

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